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[MRH] Desertion Sklep
« dnia: Lipiec 26, 2013, 12:44:52 pm »
Mol-Rehan's Desertion Armoury

Hello MOL-REHAN’S brothers I would like to introduce new Desertion Armoury.

Chain Set
70QL - 1s
80QL - 2s
85QL - 3s

70QL - 3s
80QL - 4s

Metal Shields:
70QL - 10c
80QL - 25c
90QL - 35c

Chain Horse barding:

70ql - 1s
80ql - 1.5s

(Swords, Bows etc)

70ql - 35c
80ql - 60c

(All kind of tools)

70ql - 35c
80ql - 1s

Horse Gear:
(Horse Shoes, Saddles, Barrings)

70ql – 25c per piece
1 s  per Horse Set QL 70 (4x Horse Shoes and 1x Saddle)

Tools Belts:

50QL - 10c
70QL - 25c
80QL - 50c

Ships (Glitter Delivery):
Small Saling Boat 3s
Knarr 12s

All Magranon Enchantments available.

Aura of Shared Pain:
1-69 1c per point
70-80 1c per point + 5c
81-90 1c per point + 15c
above 91+ negotiable

Strongwall, Collapsing Mines:
1 s per tile
in case of bigger amount of casts the price is negotiable

For more info please contact via forum PM or ingame: Vill, Villz
Wurm Online 1.0 Mol-Rehan: Elevation
Wurm PvP:

Vill, Villz